Saturday, March 29, 2008

Circus at Clark's Trading Post - Video

Here is a short video showing the acrobatics at Clark's Trading Post.

Clark's Trading Post - Video Two

Here's another video showing the famous bears of Clark's Trading Post.

Clark's Trading Post - Video

Here is a video that I found about Clark's Trading Post.

Monday, March 17, 2008

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The "I" Tag

Rojoy sent me this tag.

I AM… a Father and a Husband
I WANT…. To make my family and God happy.
I HAVE.. 2 adorable kids and a loving wife.
I WISH…. to have a lot of money.
I HATE… annoying and loud people.
I FEAR… to die young and leave my family alone.
I SEARCH… family history for my family tree.
I WONDER… why I am poor, when I have met so many dumb people with money.
I REGRET… that I wasted my inheritance on a failed real estate career.
I LOVE…. my wife, my kids, my family and friends and most of all my God..
I ALWAYS… Feel Tired.
I AM NOT… rich when it comes to wealth but I am rich at heart.
I DANCE… ballroom and anything as long as the music sounds great.
I SING… but not very good my mother was a runner up for the voice of Snow White and I am an American Idol horrid audition.
I CRY… while watching sad movies.
I WRITE… anything and post it to my blog.
I WON….. The best wife in the whole world, but I would love to add the lottery to that please..
I AM CONFUSED… How my wife got such a high page rank so fast.
I NEED… to do more with my blog
I SHOULD… buy a lottery ticket so I can win the lottery LOL.
THE LAST THOUGHT BEFORE GO TO SLEEP…. say my prayers and thank God for the day.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

If you are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire one of the fun family attractions is Clark’s Trading Post. The main attraction is the trained bear show, which lasts for about a half an hour. The whole family will love watching these trained black bears perform. They walk on barrels, swing in a swing and do a multitude of other tricks.

There is another show to enjoy as well The Seyranyan Family Circus you will be delighted by the extraordinary acrobatic and hand-balancing performances of these award-winning Russian artists a family of acrobatic contortionists that will absolutely blow your mind. In all my life I have never seen any individual do what these people do.

The great thing about the shows is that they happen twice a day so you don’t miss the fun or even if you just want to see it again. There is no extra charge to see the shows. This was helpful because my two year old fell asleep in my arms minutes before the first Bear Show. Thank God there was a second show for her to see.

You can also go for a 30-minute ride on the old-fashioned steam locomotive but beware the Wolfman an old prospector who chases the train off his claim. Watch the kids get excited as the Wolfman drives his old beat up car to chase the train and shoot his gun.

There are only a few rides a Clark’s but they are enjoyable the first of these is Merlin’s Mystical Mansion. Go inside this house and Merlin will turn your world upside-down. An allusion the will get your brain spinning.

Then go threw Tuttle’s Rustic House. It is the crooked house that is lots of fun to go threw. Watch balls roll uphill. And see lots of other amazing things in Tuttle’s crooked house.

Then for those who are feeling a bit athletic you can go for a climb. Ascend the 30-foot, quarter-scale replica of New Hampshire’s famous Old Man of the Mountain. Six climbing stations offer varying degrees of difficulty.

My children’s favorite is the bumper boats. But get ready to get soaked because these wonderfully fun bumper boats come armed with onboard water guns. Travel around the pond bump into each other and squirt people in other boats or unsuspecting people walking by.

There is a lot to keep you occupied for the day. They even have a giant sandbox for the little ones to enjoy.

The go threw the American museum on Main Street. This brick museum on Main Street is chock full of old time Americana. It contains treasures from our early electrical, mechanical, and advertising past such as fully restored nickelodeons, steam and gas engines and early household appliances.

There are lots of lots of fun gift and specialty stores as well. There are five shops to choose from the Main Gift Shop, Kilburn’s Photo Shop, The Main Street Candle Shop, The Maple Cabin, and the Liberty Press.

The Main Gift Shop is loaded with all kinds of souvenirs and is excisable from the out side as well. Clark’s has the largest and most well stocked gift and souvenir shop in the White Mountains. Inside you will find a wide selection of candy, home-style fudge, T-shirts, jewelry, moccasins, cedar crafts, toys, mugs, stuffed animals, knives and more!

You can visit the Main Street Candle Shop. Indulge your senses as you browse through a large collection of candles, curiosities and comforts for the home. While you’re there, treat yourself to an exciting experience by creating colorful candles at our dipping stations.

The swing by world famous The Maple Cabin a get some real maple syrup. Visit this rustic cabin to stock up on quality maple products, Salmon Falls stoneware and New England crafts. While you’re there, grab a popgun for your journey into Wolfman’s territory on the White Mountain Central Railroad.

Then go to the Liberty Press on Main Street. Put your name in the headlines or on a “Wanted” poster in just minutes. While your customized print is rolling hot off the press, you can shop for a variety of other personalized items like dog tags, license plates, stationary, plaques and beads.

My family’s favorite was Kilburn’s photo shop. You can dress up in old fashion clothes and have your picture taken. We dressed up in Civil War clothes and had a sepia old fashion family photo. You can also have the pictures in color if you like. You can get period clothing in Western, Civil War, Victorian or even 1920’s gangster.

And don’t forget to get some lunch atone of several very tasty snack bars. There’s the Whistle Stop Snack Bar, Pullman’s Pizza and Subs, The Popcorn Wagon, the Peppermint Saloon.

Near the entrance at the train station is The Whistle Stop Snack Bar. From burgers and fries to sandwiches, the Whistle Stop is the ideal place to spy a steam-train while you dine at the outdoor picnic tables adjacent to the White Mountain Central Railroad. Thick shakes, soda, coffee, and soft serve ice cream are also available.

Not far way is The Popcorn Wagon, a favorite stopover for a quick snack en route to the show arena. Munch a bunch as you watch the Bear Show and Seyranyan Family Circus performances.

Then down on Main Street we have two more eateries. For food you will find Pullman’s Pizza and Subs a Main Street staple for home-style pizza. If pizza doesn’t pique your palette, try a freshly made submarine sandwich and wash it down with a cold soda. Soup, cookies, chips, and other snacks are offered as well.

For the best ice cream you ever ate you could wonder down Main Street to The Peppermint Saloon. Build your own White Mountain of ice cream with all the fixings and toppings for a monumental sundae masterpiece. Let us mix you up an old-fashioned root-beer float! The ice cream parlor is a perfect place to cure your cravings for something cool. Hard ice cream served here.

If you enjoy eating your meals outside go to The Picnic Pavilion. Enjoy your meal from any of our food service options in the shade overlooking the Pemigewasset River. The Pavilion also serves as an alternate location for the Seyranyan Family Circus during inclement weather.

With very reasonable admission prices Clark’s is a fun day in the White Mountains of New Hampshire located in Woodstock it is a must see day trip when visiting New Hampshire in the summer.

2007 Admission Prices

Age 6 & Up - $15.00
Age 3 to 5 - $6.00
Under 3 - FREE
Senior Citizen (65 and over) - $14.00
Adult Season Pass - $49.00

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